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Just Diagnosed - Next Step

Become informed - please use the links from this page.

Get in touch with fellow sufferers, their experience can make yours easier.

Come along to the next meeting of the West Midlands Group

Ask questions of the medical professionals with whom you deal and don't necessarily accept the first answer.

Seek genetic counselling so that you can grasp the full implications for yourself and your family.

West Midlands Support Group

What we aim to do:

  1. act as a local focus of support for sufferers and their carers;
  2. promote awareness amoung the general public and all medical professionals in our area;
  3. act as a forum which will allow for the development of better understanding between the medical establishment and those suffering with this complex illness;
  4. work in conjunction with other groups locally, nationally and internationally to bring about better understanding and care in relation to Haemochromatosis.

Contact the West Midlands support group soon

Local Support Group Meetings

We currently hold two meetings eachyear, one in the Spring and one each Autumn. You don't need to wait until the time of the meetings to contact us as we are always happy to hear from you and to try and help. In fact the sooner you get in touch the sooner we can send you our information pack on Haemochromatosis. Also, if you contact us we can put you on our list of recipients to receive any information that may interest you in the future, including details about upcoming meetings.

The next West Midlands support group meeting will be held in the Autumn of 2015, details to be arranged. For full details contact Kieran by phone on; 0121 457 8986 or by e-mail at;

The Venue

  • St Nicolasí Place
  • 81 The Green
  • Birmingham
  • West Midlands
  • B38 8RU

For a write up from the Spring 2015 support group meeting,

Click Here

St Nicolas Center

Picture of St Nicolas Centre, historic black and white timber frame building

Haemochromatosis Society UK

The UK Society operates a help line for people with concerns about the condition and its treatment;

The Society also distributes an informative leaflet, handbook and a quarterly newsletter to members;

Other services the UK Society offers:

  1. puts members in contact with other members so as to share their experiences;
  2. maintains a website supplying up to date information about Haemochromatosis and useful links to other sites;
  3. promotes greater knowledge of Haemochromatosis both among doctors and the general public;
  4. supports research into Haemochromatosis and its treatment.

The Unexpected Consequences of Iron Overload

A spoof thriller...........

James Minter, fiction author, announces the release of his latest book ĎThe Unexpected Consequences Iron Overloadí with 100% of profits being donated Haemochromatosis Society..

Iron Overload Book

Since the book became available mid-October, Iíve been busy marketing it to all and sundry. Like all these things it takes some time to get momentum but my efforts are starting to show some success. Iím using social networking as a quick and cost effective way to get visibility Ė Twitter and Facebook. Most notable, I managed to get Stephen Fry to tweet his 4.5 million followers. The tweet promoted both Haemochromatosis and the book. Within 5 minutes of the tweet being sent over 1,000 people visited my website ( for more information. From that book sales followed Ė not as many as I hoped but itís a start. In addition Iím working on getting tweets from a number of high profile people Ė Bill Gates, Eddie Izzard, Oprah Winfrey, Cold Play (Guy Barryman), Terry Wogan and Adele Ė to name but a few. An eclectic array of individuals but these are people who do a lot of charity support work, are prepared to tweet and have very large followings. Follow me on Twitter @james_minter to keep abreast of developments.

Facebook is also a useful tool for promotion and has generated plenty of interest worldwide. If youíre not a friend of Haemochromatosis page ( please sign up Ė its free and a great way to share with others who have the condition. There are many useful tips and a get sense of community. The page has some 750 members and growing. If youíre not great with computers get your children or grandchildren to set you up a Facebook account.

Additionally Iím using more traditional marketing techniques Ė newspaper, radio and group presentations and the like. Iíve undertaken several radio interviews including 105.9 Academy FM the community radio station in Folkestone, and Radio KINF 99.1, Boise, Idaho USA. BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Winchcombe Community Radio and North Cotswolds Community Radio are all in my sights. Also articles are in the Stow on the Wold Times, December edition and fingers crossed, Cotswold Life magazine. Iíve several presentations lined up with Probus and a local WI group. Iím happy to come and talk to anyone so if you have a local group who are prepared to listen let me know. Iíve put together a PowerPoint presentation which Iím happy to share with others if they have a need for it.

Insurance Matters!

What is your experience with holiday insurance and Haemochromatosis?

"In order to have valid travel insurance you must declare to your insurance company any existing illness or treatment that you are receiving."

"In order to have valid travel insurance you must declare to your insurance company any existing illness or treatment that you are receiving.".

In most cases this statement carries with it little complexity. It seems an obvious necessity that one must do this to obtain holiday insurance.

However, the multi-functional nature of Haemochromatosis and the possibility that it can, potentially, affect so many areas of the body raises the question whether you will, in fact, be covered in case you need to make a claim.

How much information should you give your insurer about the condition? Do they know about Haemochromatosis? Will highlighting the complexity of Haemochromatosis put you in a better position regarding any future claim or will it just load the price of the policy or lead to a refusal of provision?

All these questions, and many more, are encouraging us in the Haemochromatosis West Midlands support group to place the issue of holiday insurance and Haemochromatosis  centre stage. Please read more on this site  and please forward to us stories of your experiences with insurance.

Have you had problems? made a claim? or been refused insurance cover because of Haemochromatosis? Let us know.

Haemochromatosis and Inheritance

Genetic graphic

A member's study of genetics and Haemochromatosis

Hereditary Haemochromatosis (or Genetic Haemochromatosis) is a fairly uncommon genetically-caused condition in which excess iron accumulates in the tissues of the body over a period of years. This iron overload can seriously damage major organs, causing prolonged ill-health and early death. There are four main Types and a number of sub-Types, and the risk varies between these............. READ MORE

News and Events

A Haemochromatosis Story

West Midlands Support Group, Meeting Details

Human Body Graphic

The Haemochromatosis West Midlands support group will be holding their Autumn 2015 meeting on Saturday 21st November, time 10.30am-12.30/1pm. The meeting will be held at our usual venue of St Nicolas Centre and in the same room as our last meeting, The Small Hall, which is on the ground floor near the cafť.

As usual everyone is very welcome, including long-term members of the group and first time attendees. Our meetings are informal and friendly so do come along and feel comfortable to join in if you wish.

This year's Spring meeting was a great success with our highest attendance to date and many new faces coming along.

Read a full write up of the Spring meeting

Merseyside and North West Haemochromatosis Support Group

Next Meeting

Merseyside and North West Haemochromatosis Support Group

Awaiting details of the next Merseyside and North West group meeting

For further details

North West Website

UK Haemochromatosis Society

UK Haemochromatosis Society FE Logo

2016 AGM


Report from the 2015, A.G.M

UK Society on Facebook

Facebook Logo

Blackpool Tower

New Regional Support Group - Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre

Inaugural Meeting

Saturday 10th October at 11.00am, the venue, South Shore Lawn Tennis Club, Midgeland Road, Blackpool, FT4 5HZ.

Quests include; UK Haemochromatosis CEO, David Head and Society chairman, Howard Don plus local MPs and Medical Professionals.

All are welcome from the local area and beyond.

For further details contact Marguerite at;

PPI Research Panel Member's Report

Haemochromatosis; A Suffererís Point of View;

Read about a member's visit to a local health facility and their brush with the other view of Haemochromatosis

Read More

Raw Oysters for Lunch?

Warning to all seafood cognisors!

A picture of an oyster

Haemochromatosis and Raw Oysters donít mix.